Types Offered

Choosing Your Style

There are many types of massage therapy and choosing a style can be confusing if you are not sure what it involves. Here are the types of massage we offer…

Relaxation Massage

A gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax. The massage therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure.

Therapeutic Massage​

Any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress and work on a specific problem such as a frozen shoulder.

Swedish Massage

Massage technique to relax the entire body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. A Swedish massage is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Deep Tissue Massage​

Similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).


A professional massage is increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, some studies have found massage may be helpful for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension, digestive disorders, headaches and insomnia related to stress, soft tissue strains or injuries, and joint pains. 


Consult Your Doctor

Always consult with your physician if you are pregnant or have any medical concerns. Various massage techniques can be used or combined. Massage sessions cannot be split.

Massage Services

Choose from a variety of options.

  • 30 Minutes – $60
  • 60 Minutes – $75
  • 90 Minutes – $115
  • 120 Minutes – $150
  • 4-hand massage – $120 to $300

Mother-to-be massage

Available after 13 weeks, third trimester. (Consult with your doctor)

60 Minutes – $75

Additional massage services

  • Foot Salt Scrub +$15
  • Hot Stones +$15
  • Aromatherapy +$15
  • CBD Massage +$15

Couples Massage

  • 30 Minutes x2 – $120
  • 60 Minutes x2 – $150
  • 90 Minutes x2 – $230
  • 120 Minutes x2 – $300

Gentleman Massage & Facial Package


Day of pampering with a 60 minutes massage to melt away any tension, and a 60 minutes spa facial with clensing, hydrating and moisturizing using all natural skin products.

Couples Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure Package


Includes paraffin treatments for hand and feet, hot towels and hot stones.

60 Minute Full Body Massage & European Facial


Includes hot stones with massage and hydrating hand or foot treatments with facial.

The Ultimate Gift Package


Includes the ultimate manicure and ultimate pedicure with paraffin treatment for hands and feet. Hot towels and hot stones, 60 minutes massage with hot towels and stones.

The Village Spa Experience


Includes a 60 minutes full body massage with hot stones, a hydrating European facial with hydrating hand or foot treatments; the ultimate manicure and pedicure with paraffin treatments. Hot towels and stones.

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa